Double Cage Rack and Pinion Elevator for Construction

  • Double cage design allows the transport of more people and materials, maximizing productivity
  • Maximum load capacity of 2*1000kg and a fast hoisting speed of 0-96 meters/m
  • Powerful dual motors (2*3*15kW) and inverters (2*75kW) provide rapid hoisting speeds
  • The rack and pinion drive system is compact yet robust, requiring less space than hydraulic elevators
  • Modular design enables customization of safety features like overspeed protection, load monitoring etc.
  • Emergency stop buttons in car and pit
  • An overload protection system prevents overloading
  • Slack rope safety gears stop any uncontrolled downward movement
  • Multiple braking systems including regenerative braking
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IHURMO’s rack and pinion elevator is an innovative and durable lifting solution designed specifically for the demands of construction sites. With a robust pinion and rack drive system, our elevators deliver smooth and reliable vertical transportation for workers.

Constructed from high-grade steel and components, the IHURMO rack and pinion elevator can withstand even the most punishing building site environments. The stable mast structure and sturdy platform can transport heavy loads up to 2000kg safely and efficiently.

Safety is our number one priority. The rack and pinion elevator features multiple redundant braking systems, emergency stop buttons, overload protection, and other smart safety features to keep passengers and loads secure. Regular maintenance checks and annual inspections ensure ongoing safe operation.
This rack and pinion elevator system, with its strong traction and direct drive power delivery, enables our elevator to operate smoothly and steadily at working speeds up to 96m/minute. The system is less prone to slippage or jolting compared to friction drive elevators.
The modular design allows our rack and pinion elevator to be installed quickly and operated easily by construction crews. The mast tower and drive unit can be dismantled into sections for transportation between sites using a standard truck or shipping container.
IHURMO can customize this rack and pinion elevator specifications like platform size, load capacity, lift height and speed to match your project requirements. Additional options like remote monitoring, access control, and more mean our rack and pinion elevators can be adapted to almost any construction site.


Choosing the IHURMO double cage construction hoist brings numerous benefits:

  • Faster construction times due to rapid material delivery to working floors
  • Increased productivity by transporting more workers and materials per trip
  • Lower operating costs compared to cranes or external hoists
  • Safer working environment for construction crews with enclosed transportation
  • Customizable solutions tailored to the unique needs of your project
With CE and ISO9001-2008 certifications, plus our 1-year warranty on core components, you can trust the quality and reliability of IHURMO’s rack and pinion construction elevators. With over 100 nations served globally, IHURMO has the expertise to provide the optimum hoisting solution for construction projects of any scale. Discover how our innovative elevators can help drive productivity, safety and efficiency on your next project. Contact our engineering team today to discuss your lifting needs.

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Double Cage

Rating Loading Capacity

2*1000 kg

Rating Rising Rate

0-96 m/min

Motor Power

2*3*15 KW

Inverter Power

2*75 KW