2*2000 KG Construction Passenger Lift

  • Reliable quality, long service life, wide application range, simple and convenient maintenance;
  • The transmission part adopts imported bearings, enameled wires, oil seals and other components;
  • The electrical part adopts the products of well-known companies;
  • The gear and rack adopt special materials and heat treatment process, which greatly improves the service life of the parts;
  • The steel structure is made of high-quality steel;
  • The surface can be painted or hot-dip galvanized according to user requirements;
  • The hanging cage can be made or decorated with steel woven mesh, galvanized sheet, punched sheet, patterned sheet, etc.
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Safety First with IHURMO’s construction passenger lift.


Safety is the top priority for IHURMO’s construction passenger lift. These temporary lifts are engineered to the highest standards, featuring multiple redundant safety systems to protect passengers and prevent accidents.


The lift cars have a robust steel frame protected by solid metal walls on all sides, eliminating fall hazards. Doors lock securely and will not open unless the car is properly parked at a landing. Sensors detect obstructions and stop the doors from closing when blocked. If a door is forced open, the lift immediately locks in place.


Inside the car, passengers have grab bars for stability and an emergency stop button. If the lift stops unexpectedly, two-way communication systems allow passengers to call for assistance. Battery backups engage to slowly bring the car to the nearest floor in a power outage.


With rated capacities of up to 2000 kg, IHURMO’s construction passenger lift can accommodate heavy loads. Overload protection automatically prevents the lift from moving if excess weight is detected, ensuring rated capacities are not exceeded. The lift controller ensures smooth acceleration, deceleration, and leveling for a comfortable passenger experience.


Lift speed and travel height are customized for your construction project. With travel heights up to 200 meters possible, these versatile lifts efficiently serve low and high-rise buildings.


Completely construction passenger lift

IHURMO engineers each construction lift to match your job site’s needs. Customization options include:

  • Number of stops and travel height
  • Rated load and passenger capacity
  • Car dimensions, materials, lighting, and accessories
  • Landing entrance configurations
  • Special site requirements

With in-house engineering and manufacturing, IHURMO can accommodate unique project specifications. Custom lifts are delivered pre-assembled to minimize on-site installation time.

IHURMO offers both rentals and sales for permanent ownership. Rentals provide cost-effective solutions for temporary access needs. Purchasing a lift often makes more economic sense for frequently reused systems.

Rely on IHURMO’s construction passenger lift

IHURMO’s construction passenger lift complies with ISO 9001 standards and holds CE and EAC certifications.


With adaptable engineering and stringent safety systems, IHURMO’s construction passenger lifts deliver personnel and materials quickly, comfortably, and securely. Customize your lift to perfectly match your building project’s access requirements.

Additional information

Rating Loading Capacity

2*2000 kg

Rating Rising Rate

36 m/min

Motor Power

2*3*11 KW

Passenger Number


Max. Promoting Height

200 m

Cage Size

3*1.5*2.5 m

650 Mast Section Weight

150 KG

650 Mast Section Length

650*650*1508 mm

Steeve Rating Rising Weight

200 KG