2*2000 kg Double Cage Construction Elevator

  • Fully enclosed car with proximity sensors on entry gates
  • Emergency stop buttons, alarm bells, and intercom inside car
  • Overspeed governors and emergency brakes
  • 2,000kg capacity per car, 63m/min speed
  • Customizable dimensions, capacity, accessories
  • Efficient vertical transport for crews, tools, materials
  • Protects passengers and loads from weather and debris
  • Prevents tip-overs and spills for cleaner, safer site
  • Boosts productivity compared to cranes or material hoists
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Safety First with IHURMO’s Construction Elevator

Safety is the top priority for IHURMO’s temporary construction elevators. This heavy-duty lift features multiple safety mechanisms to protect passengers and materials during transport up and down the building site.


The elevator car is fully enclosed with solid metal walls, doors, roof and floor to prevent anything from falling out. Entry gates utilize proximity sensors – if obstructed while closing, the gate will automatically reopen. Inside the car are emergency stop buttons, alarm bells, and an intercom to immediately contact the operator if needed.


For smooth, controlled travel, the hoist system utilizes a variable frequency drive to gently accelerate, decelerate, and regulate speed. Overspeed governors and emergency brakes activate to safely stop the car in the event of a malfunction. At the top floor, spring-loaded safety buffers prevent impact if the elevator over travels.


Rugged and Versatile Construction Hoist

At the heart of IHURMO’s construction elevator is a powerful hoist system with two independent 3-phase 18.5kW motors, each capable of handling a full load of 2,000kg (4,400lbs). Two 55kW variable frequency drives precisely control the speed and position. This redundant design ensures continuous operation – if one motor or drive fails, the other takes over to complete the job.


The lift travels at speeds up to 63 meters per minute, significantly boosting productivity compared to cranes or material hoists. Guide rails are mounted to the outside of the building, allowing construction to continue inside without interference. For flexibility, IHURMO can customize the elevator configuration, dimensions, capacity, rail types, and accessories to match unique project requirements.


Boost Efficiency and Safety with IHURMO


IHURMO’s temporary construction elevator delivers tangible benefits for builders and workers. The lift provides efficient vertical transport for crews, tools, and materials up to the current highest floor. This eliminates slow, hazardous climbs up scaffolding or partially built structures. Workers stay fresher, more focused and efficient while on the job.


The enclosed elevator car protects passengers and equipment from weather and debris during transit. Smooth, steady operation prevents load shifting, tip-overs or spills. By keeping materials organized and secure, the construction site stays cleaner and safer for everyone.


Purchase IHURMO’s rugged, customizable construction elevators to make your next project safer, more efficient, and more productive. Discover why over 100 nations worldwide trust IHURMO lifts to bring their visions to new heights.

Additional information


Double Cage

Rating Loading Capacity

2*2000 kg

Rating Rising Rate

0-63 m/min

Motor Power

2*3*18.5 KW

Inverter Power

2*55 KW