Double Cage Material Hoist for Construction

Wholesale material hoist for construction:

  • Twin cages with the capacity of 2*1000 kg each
  • Rugged steel structure rated for heavy daily usage
  • Powerful dual motors deliver 63 meters per minute rising rate
  • Advanced variable frequency drive for smooth and precise control
  • Enclosed cages prevent falling objects
  • Overload protection, emergency brake, travel limits
  • Compliant with CE 
  • Simultaneous upward/downward transport maximizes efficiency
  • Continuous loop for faster delivery of materials and workers
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Lift Materials Safely and Efficiently with the IHURMO material hoist for construction. Transporting construction materials vertically on multi-story projects can be time-consuming and hazardous without the right equipment. The IHURMO material hoist for construction is an innovative solution designed to lift loads up to 2*1000 kg efficiently and safely.


Key Features of IHURMO material hoist for construction:

  • Twin cages allow simultaneous transport of materials up and down, maximizing productivity
  • Powerful dual motors (2*3*15 KW) deliver fast lifting speeds up to 63 meters per minute
  • Advanced variable frequency drive system enables smooth starts/stops and precision control
  • Rugged steel structure rated for heavy daily usage on demanding construction sites
  • Multiple safety features (overload protection, emergency brake, backup limits, etc.)


Safety Measures:

IHURMO prioritizes safety, adhering to rigorous CE quality standards. The hoist incorporates numerous features to protect operators, loads, and equipment:

  • Enclosed cages prevent falling objects
  • Overload protection shuts down operation if weight limits are exceeded
  • Emergency brake brings cages to controlled stop if power fails
  • Upper and lower travel limits prevent over-travel accidents
  • Wind speed measuring device halts operation in high winds
  • Additional safety enhancements (light curtains, alarm systems) available


Usage Scenarios:

The IHURMO Double Cage Construction Hoist excels at vertical transport on high-rise buildings and other large-scale construction projects. Typical applications include:

  • Lifting bricks, lumber, tools, and equipment up to job floors
  • Removing construction debris and waste materials
  • Hoisting precast concrete panels, rebar, framing
  • Delivering critical job materials on tight schedules
  • Transporting workers along with materials to work areas

With two independent cages, the hoist can simultaneously lift a full load upwards while lowering an empty cage downwards. This continuous loop transport pattern makes the IHURMO material hoist for construction exceptionally efficient. Materials and workers get where they need to go faster.


Backed by IHURMO’s engineering expertise and global customer support, the Double Cage Construction Hoist is an indispensable tool for productive, safe, vertical transport on demanding job sites. Trust the IHURMO material hoist for construction to take your project to new heights!

Additional information


Double Cage

Rating Loading Capacity

2*1000 kg

Rating Rising Rate

0-63 m/min

Motor Power

2*3*15 KW

Inverter Power

2*45 KW