2*1000 kg Twin Cage Passenger Hoist

  • Twin car system with two independent cars that can move personnel and light materials vertically up and down a building site
  • Capacities ranging from 1000kg to 3800kg
  • High speed up to 38m/min to transport more workers faster than a single car
  • Designed for quick installation and relocation as the building height increases
  • Complies with ISO 9001 standards and CE and EAC certifications
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Our SC series twin cage passenger hoist achieves great improvement in all aspects to meet the different demands of users. Seen from the appearance, it is more perfect and practical. Multiple devices can be selectively fixed on this product depending on users’ needs, such as a variable frequency system, monitoring device, wireless floor paging device, floor choosing system, top floor protection device, microcomputer controlled wind speed measuring device, etc.


The IHURMO twin cage passenger hoist is an innovative construction elevator designed to safely and efficiently transport personnel and light materials vertically on multi-story building sites. With a capacity ranging from 1000kg to 3800kg, this twin car system provides smooth, high-speed transportation to improve productivity.


Built with a computer aided design, the twin cage hoist features a compact yet robust structure for strength and durability. The attractive exterior houses intelligent safety systems to protect passengers, including emergency brakes, overspeed governors, and overload protection.


State-of-the-art options like variable frequency drives, wireless paging, and wind speed measurement further enhance functionality.The hoist runs on high-quality guide rails with standard or custom profiles to suit project requirements. With a top speed of 38m/min, the twin cars work independently or in tandem to move more workers in less time compared to single cars. The system is designed for rapid installation and relocation as the build progresses vertically.


If equipped with a VVVF speed controller and PLC, this product is capable of realizing continuously variable speed control from 0 to 96m/min, automatic floor selecting, and deceleration for normal stop.


Special Features of Ihurmo Twin Cage Passenger Hoist:

  1. Escaping-window: adopts hydraulic self service, convenient and efficient; sealing enhancement, not easy to bounce. Position change to the middle of the cage, more humanized and reasonable.
  2. The Cabinis added a security door to prevent accidents due to nondriver’s entering and rule-breaking operations.
  3. Retrofit self refueling tanker machine, simple and practical, convenient operation.
  4. The handle of the Feeding and discharging door is changed to “S” shape steel, strong and not easy to damage, convenient to operate, and more humanized.
  5. Change to use a control panel with a display screen, which can show the working and fault status of multiple parts, efficiently supporting troubleshooting.
  6. The lights changed to an LED lamp, which was installed at the bottom of the beam of the driver’s room. Better lighting effect, position concealed, anti collision, more reasonable and durable.
  7. The hanger rod seat is arranged on both sides of the cage from different angles. Make the mast section rising more convenient with more options.
  8. Optimized the outer door interlocking device, greatly improved the safety function of the interlock function and durability.
  9. Improve the connecting ear plate between the cage and the driving frame. Change to flexible connection from rigid connection, easy for installation, convenient for debugging. The stress on the guide wheels of the cage and drive frame is more uniform.
  10. The cable line of the Electrical control box and operation control panel changed to use an aviation plug connection, which is convenient for installation and operation.
  11. Add guardrail for safety inspection and maintenance purposes, which height is human nature design and complies with the relevant national safety requirements.
  12. Add inspection mast section, which is more conducive to repair and maintenance.

As a leading global manufacturer, IHURMO implements rigorous quality control to meet the highest international regulations. Our twin cage passenger hoist complies with ISO 9001 standards and holds CE and EAC certifications to satisfy safety needs across over 100 nations. With IHURMO, you can be confident your equipment meets local codes and best practices.


IHURMO twin cage passenger hoist is engineered for customization, with capacities, speeds, and dimensions tailored to your high-rise construction’s unique demands. Additional safety and monitoring devices like video surveillance, access control, and SCADA telemetry can be incorporated per your specifications. With bespoke solutions scalable from small residential builds to massive skyscrapers, we provide the right vertical transit equipment for any job. Bring enhanced speed, safety, and versatility to your next multi-story build with the IHURMO Twin Cage Passenger Hoist. With intelligent design and customization for projects of all sizes, our twin-car elevators set the standard for efficient personnel transportation on today’s construction sites.

Additional information

Rating Loading Capacity

2*1000 kg

Rating Rising Rate

36 m/min

Motor Power

2*2*11 KW

Passenger Number


Max. Promoting Height

200 m

Cage Size

3*1.3*2.5 m

650 Mast Section Weight

150 KG

650 Mast Section Length

650*650*1508 mm

Steeve Rating Rising Weight

200 KG