Mast Climbing Work Platform

What is the Mast Climbing Work Platform

Mast Climbing Work Platform

Introduction to Mast Climbing Work Platform

Mast climbing work platforms, also known as mast climbing systems, are temporary work platforms that are designed to transport personnel, equipment, and materials vertically alongside structures during construction and maintenance activities.

Key Features

Some of the key features of the mast climbing work platform include:

  • The automated robotic platform that can climb externally on structures
  • Allows vertical transportation with a built-in hoist system
  • Provides a stable work platform with guardrails for safety
  • Has a modular platform that can be expanded as needed
  • Includes an operator's cab to control the platform

Major Components

The major components of a mast climbing work platform include:

  • Chassis - The base frame that supports the platform
  • Mast - Vertical tower structure fitted with a climbing drive mechanism
  • Working platform - The working area where personnel and materials are transported
  • Control panel - Houses the control system and operator controls
  • Safety devices - Equipment like anchor points, guardrails, gates and toe boards

Mast climbing work platforms are used extensively in commercial and industrial construction projects on structures like high-rise buildings, bridges, transmission towers, chimneys and more. The key advantage of these platforms is to provide safe vertical access for workers to conduct tasks at height during construction.

Safety Considerations for Mast Climbing Work Platform

Proper safety procedures and guidelines must be followed when using mast climbing work platforms to ensure safety of personnel.

Hazard Assessment

Prior to starting work, the work site should be assessed for the following hazards:

  • Overhead obstructions
  • High voltage lines
  • Inadequate base support
  • Drop-offs
  • Debris
HazardControl Method
FallsInstall guardrails, use fall protection equipment
CollapseProper maintenance, do not overload
ElectrocutionMaintain safe distance fr om power lines
Mast Climbing Work Platform

Equipment Use


Following proper safety guidelines as per OSHA's scaffolding regulations and manufacturer instructions is critical to prevent injuries or fatalities when using mast climbing work platforms.

Industry Regulations and Standards for Mast Climbing Work Platform

The design, construction, installation, operation, inspection and maintenance of mast climbing work platforms are governed by regulations and industry standards from organizations like OSHA, ANSI, ASME etc.

OSHA Regulations

The key OSHA regulations that apply to mast climbers are:

RegulationApplicable Section
29 CFR 1926.451General requirements
29 CFR 1926.452Additional requirements for specific types of scaffolds
29 CFR 1926.454Training requirements

ANSI/ASSE A92.9 Standard

The ANSI/ASSE A92.9 standard covers safety requirements for design, calculations, testing, installation, use, maintenance and inspection of mast climbing work platforms. Key sections include:

Mast Working Platform 2

IHURMO’s Advantages

Headquartered in Beijing, IHURMO Industry Co. has production facilities across China and is a premier global supplier of tower cranes, hoists, platforms, mast climbing work platforms, and parts. Our ISO 9001 and EU/Eurasian certifications demonstrate commitment to quality, safety, and compliance. With customers in 100+ countries, IHURMO provides cutting-edge lifting solutions and expertise to drive project success through consistent innovation, unmatched reliability, and service.

We offer different types of mast climbing work platform, some key features are:

  • Reliable quality construction, enabling versatile applications, long service life, and easy maintenance.
  • The transmission system utilizes high-quality imported components including bearings, varnished wire, and oil seals.
  • The electrical parts from leading international brands like Schneider (France), Siemens (Germany), and LG (South Korea) for reliable performance.
  • The rack and pinion drive are constructed from special heat-treated materials that maximize durability and prolong service life.
  • The structural steelwork uses premium steel plate from renowned Chinese manufacturers, with customizable surface treatments like paint or hot-dip galvanizing.
  • The work platforms can be outfitted with various materials including steel mesh, galvanized sheet, perforated plate, and checkered plate for slip resistance.

Together, IHURMO aims to be the cornerstone supporting construction success in this rapidly evolving world.