IHURMO Twin-mast Mast Climber Scaffold

The Twin Mast Climbing Work Platform from IHURMO is a top-of-the-line mast climber scaffold that combines strength, safety, and versatility.

With its advanced features and customizable options, this mast climber scaffold is an ideal choice for construction projects requiring efficient and secure vertical access solutions.

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IHURMO’s Twin Mast Climbing Work Platform is a state-of-the-art mast climber scaffold designed for efficient and safe vertical access in construction projects. This mast climber scaffold is engineered with high-strength steel and optimized 3D structural design, ensuring robustness and stability for your worksite needs.


The mast climber scaffold offers a range of speed options, allowing you to choose the optimal pace for your project requirements. The stainless steel electric cabinet and workstation provide a durable and reliable control center for the mast climber scaffold. The high-strength, cold-forming steel net ensures a secure working environment for your crew.IHURMO’s attention to detail is evident in this mast climber scaffold, with the mast section and tie-in being hot galvanized for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance. The mast climber scaffold can be customized with various door and layer options to suit your specific project needs. The advanced control system of the mast climber scaffold features an inverter, PLC, and touch screen, providing precise and user-friendly operation.


Safety is paramount in the design of the mast climber scaffold. It incorporates overload protection and an automatic leveling device to ensure stable and secure operation. The mast climber scaffold can be controlled either manually or through a wireless remote, offering flexibility and convenience for your team.


One of the key advantages of this mast climber scaffold is its ease of disassembly and movement, allowing for efficient relocation as your project progresses. IHURMO offers both twin and double platform configurations for this mast climber scaffold, accommodating various project requirements.


The mast climber scaffold boasts impressive specifications, with a maximum length of 24 meters and a standard width of 1.5 meters, expandable up to 2.7 meters. The mast climber scaffold can reach a free-standing height of 10 meters with the chassis and has a powerful motor configuration of 2×2×2.2kW. The tie-in distance for the mast climber scaffold ranges from 3 to 6 meters, providing flexibility in installation.IHURMO’s commitment to quality is evident in the components used in the mast climber scaffold, such as the Schneider PLC and the inclusion of overload, force, torque, and angle transducers. These features ensure the mast climber scaffold operates with precision and reliability.

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