Single-mast Mast Climbing Platform

The IHURMO 3.2 Ton Twin Tower Mast Climber is a top-of-the-line mast climbing platform that combines strength, safety, versatility, and efficiency.

With its impressive lifting capacity, robust construction, and advanced features, this mast climbing platform is an essential tool for any construction project requiring reliable vertical access solutions. Trust IHURMO to deliver the quality and performance you need to bring your construction visions to life.

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The IHURMO mast climber is a state-of-the-art mast climbing platform designed to revolutionize vertical access on construction sites. With its twin tower design, this mast climbing platform offers unparalleled stability and safety, ensuring smooth and efficient operation even at great heights.


One of the key features of the IHURMO Tower Mast Climber is its robust construction. Manufactured using high-strength steel, this mast climbing platform is built to withstand the rigors of demanding construction environments. The optimized 3D structural design enhances the overall strength and durability of the platform, while the stainless steel electric cabinet and work station provide a secure and reliable control center for operators.


Safety is paramount when working at heights, and the IHURMO Mast Climber excels in this aspect. The mast climbing platform is equipped with a high-strength cold-forming steel net, providing a secure working environment for personnel. The mast sections and tie-ins can be hot galvanized, further enhancing the platform’s resistance to corrosion and wear. Additionally, the mast climbing platform features an overload protection system and automatic leveling device, ensuring stable and safe operation at all times.


The IHURMO Mast Climber offers exceptional versatility and customization options. The platform can be configured with various door and layer types to suit specific project requirements. The mast climbing platform also offers a choice of manual or wireless remote control, providing operators with flexible and convenient operation. With a maximum length of 13.5 meters and a maximum width of 2.7 meters, this mast climbing platform can adapt to a wide range of construction scenarios.


Efficiency is a key benefit of the IHURMO Mast Climber. The mast climbing platform is powered by two 3kW motors, enabling swift and smooth vertical movement. The distance between tie-ins can range from 3 to 9 meters, allowing for optimal positioning and stability. The platform also features a Schneider PLC and transducer, ensuring precise control and monitoring of overload, force, torque, and angle parameters

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