Double Cage Construction Passenger Hoist

  • Maximum load capacity of 2*2000 kg
  • Rated rising speed of 0-36 m/min for quick vertical transportation
  • Constructed from quality steel to withstand heavy use
  • Modular design allows customization to meet project needs
  • Emergency stop buttons, overspeed governors, overload protection
  • Meets ISO 9001 standards and CE/EAC certified
  • Powered by 2 x 37kW inverters and 3 x 11kW motors
  • Energy efficient system architecture
  • Variable frequency drive for smooth starts and stops
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The IHURMO double cage passenger hoist provides reliable and efficient vertical transportation for construction crews and materials on job sites.


With a maximum load capacity of 2*2000 kg and a rated rising speed of 0-36 m/min, this hoist can quickly and safely transport large work crews and heavy loads up and down buildings under construction.


Safety is the top priority for IHURMO. This passenger hoist comes equipped with multiple advanced safety systems, including emergency stop buttons, overspeed governors, overload protection devices, and more. The fully enclosed car prevents the risk of workers or materials falling. Additional options like wireless paging systems and monitoring devices provide extra protection.


The hoist meets rigorous ISO 9001 quality standards and holds CE and EAC certifications. IHURMO utilizes variable frequency drive systems and precision-engineered components to ensure smooth starts, stops, and accurate leveling at each floor. The microcomputer-controlled system precisely measures wind speed and makes adjustments to ensure stable operation, while the optional floor selection system allows easy access to desired floors.


Constructed from quality steel, the rugged IHURMO double cage passenger hoist withstands heavy use on demanding construction sites. The innovative modular design also allows customization to meet specific project needs – guide rails can be configured for regular or irregular sections, and supplementary devices like monitoring systems can be added. Easy to assemble and disassemble, this versatile hoist suits projects of any scale.


Powered by two 37kW inverters and three 11kW motors, the IHURMO hoist delivers robust lifting capacity and energy efficiency. The system architecture minimizes energy consumption while providing smooth, reliable service even under heavy loads. Overload protection and top floor devices prevent overexertion and damage for extended service life.


In summary, the IHURMO 2000kg double cage passenger hoist sets the standard for performance, safety, innovation and customization in construction elevator solutions. Its proven design provides the strength, precision and reliability needed to drive productivity on modern jobsites.

Additional information


Double Cage

Rating Loading Capacity

2*2000 kg

Rating Rising Rate

0-36 m/min

Motor Power

2*3*11 Kw

Inverter Power

2*37 KW