Single-mast 9m Scissor Lift

  • Compact size: With a footprint of just 1300mm x 850mm, this scissor lift maneuvers through doorways and confined spaces
  • High max height: Lifts operators up to 9 meters to reach elevated worksites
  • Durable construction: Made from lightweight yet strong aluminum alloy to minimize deflection
  • Spacious platform: 600mm x 600mm platform provides sufficient room to work
  • Safety: Features an integrated electrical system with overload protection for reliable and safe operation
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This lightweight aluminum alloy single-mast 9m scissor lift provides a maximum platform height of 9 meters and a rated load capacity of 100kg. The compact dimensions, with a footprint of just 1300mm x 850mm when stowed, enable the lift to maneuver through standard doorways and access confined spaces. The spacious 600mm x 600mm platform gives workers ample room to perform tasks. The high-strength scissor mechanism minimizes deflection and sway when elevated. An integrated electrical system with overload protection ensures reliable and safe operation.

Key Features

  • Compact, maneuverable design: Fits through doors and operates in tight spaces
  • Customization available: Lifts can be tailored to unique requirements
  • Durable aluminum construction: Minimizes deflection of lift mechanism
  • Spacious 600mm x 600mm platform: Provides sufficient workspace
  • Safety features: Overload protection for reliable, safe use

Whether carrying out hotel or restaurant maintenance, decorating, replacing lights, cleaning large spaces, or other jobs needing access up to 9 meters high, the IHURMO single-mast 9m scissor lift delivers an efficient, safe solution.

Typical Applications

This self-propelled lift excels in:

  • Building maintenance and inspection
  • Painting and decorating
  • HVAC installation and repairs
  • Electrical and plumbing tasks
  • Events, theater, and entertainment
  • Warehousing and inventory management


Get a Custom Lift

IHURMO’s engineering team can customize scissor lifts to meet unique requirements. Lift capacities, platform sizes, power systems, and control configurations can be tailored to your needs. Contact our sales team to discuss a customized single-mast scissor lift to enhance productivity. For a quality, affordable lift backed by expert support, the IHURMO single-mast 9m scissor lift is the solution. Get in touch today to discuss your project requirements.

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Additional information

Platform Height

9 m

Rated Load

100 kg

platform Size

600*600 mm


220 v


0.75 kw

Machine Weight Approx

290 kg


1300*850*2100 mm