IHURMO 500kg 11m Personal Scissor Lift

  • 11 meter maximum platform height
  • 500kg load capacity
  • High-strength manganese steel scissor mechanism
  • Integrated safety systems:
    • Overload hydraulic protection
    • Anti-drop safety device
    • Manual emergency lowering
  • Spacious 2100mm x 1200mm platform
  • Power options:
    • Electric
    • Diesel
    • Manual hydraulic
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The IHURMO 500kg 11m personal scissor lift is a versatile aerial work platform designed to safely elevate individual workers and materials up to 11 meters for construction, maintenance, inspection, installation, and repair jobs.



This self-propelled personal scissor lift features a maximum platform height of 11 meters and a load capacity of 500kg. The robust scissor mechanism is made from high-strength manganese steel, providing strength, rigidity and stability when lifted. Integrated safety features include an overload hydraulic protection system, anti-drop safety device, and manual emergency lowering valve. The spacious 2100mm x 1200mm platform provides sufficient room for operators and gear.


Key Features

  • 11 meter maximum platform height
  • 500kg load capacity
  • High-strength steel scissor mechanism
  • Integrated safety systems like overload protection
  • Spacious 2100mm x 1200mm work platform
  • Electric, diesel or manual hydraulic power options



This versatile 11m personal scissor lift excels for:

  • Construction and building maintenance
  • Mechanical, HVAC and electrical installations
  • Lighting, signage, camera and antenna work
  • Bridge inspection and wind turbine repairs

For an affordable yet high-performance personal scissor lift focused on safety, the IHURMO 500kg 11m model is an ideal solution for working at heights.

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Additional information

Platform Size

2100*1200 mm

Rated Load

300 kg

Platform Height

11 m


2230*1340*1650 mm