IHURMO 500kg 10m Scissor Lift

  • Versatile aerial work platform to safely lift 1-2 workers up to 10 meters
  • Maximum platform capacity of 500kg for personnel, tools and materials
  • Sturdy scissor mechanism made of high-strength steel for stability
  • Overload hydraulic safety system to prevent overloading
  • Anti-drop valve and manual lowering valve for controlled descent
  • Optional telescopic platform extension for expanded work envelope
  • Pneumatic or solid tires for mobility across terrains
  • Power options: manual hydraulic pump, AC electric motor or DC battery
  • Compact size with tight turning radius to access confined spaces
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IHURMO’s 10m scissor lifts are versatile aerial work platforms designed to safely lift personnel up to 10 meters for various construction, maintenance, and inspection jobs. With a maximum platform capacity of 500kg, these lifts allow 1-2 workers to perform tasks at height with their tools and materials.


The 10m scissor lift features a sturdy scissor mechanism made from high-strength steel rectangular tubes, providing excellent stability for working at height. An overload hydraulic safety system protects the lifting platform from being overloaded. Equipped with an anti-drop valve and manual lowering valve, the 10m lift ensures controlled descent even in case of sudden power failure.


Optional features like the telescopic platform extension further expand the working envelope at height. The 10m scissor lift is available with pneumatic or solid tires for smooth mobility across different terrains. Power options include manual hydraulic pump, AC electric motor or DC battery drive to suit specific applications. With a tight turning radius, this compact lift can easily maneuver through doorways and access confined spaces.


The 10m scissor lift enables workers to carry out various tasks at height safely and efficiently, including:

  • Facility Maintenance – Cleaning, painting, light repairs
  • Electrical installations – Lighting, HVAC, cabling
  • Warehouse picking & replenishment
  • Events setup – Stages, displays, signages
  • Accessing high storage – Retrieving stock, organizing inventory
  • Landscaping services – Pruning, trimming trees
  • Window cleaning and external building maintenance


With advanced safety mechanisms and sturdy platform for working at height, IHURMO’s 10m scissor lifts maximize productivity while minimizing risks. These mobile lifts serve as indispensable equipment across many industries to gain safe vertical access up to 10 meters.


Contact IHURMO today for expert advice on selecting the right scissor lift and customization options for your specific application!

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Additional information

Platform Size

2100*1200 mm

Rated Load

500 kg

Platform Height

10 m


2200*1350*1500 mm