IHURMO 26 ft Scissor Lift

  • Scissor mechanical structure made from high-strength manganese steel, providing stability and load capacity
  • Equipped with overload hydraulic safety protection system to prevent platform from sudden drops
  • Anti-drop safety device installed to protect against hydraulic line bursts
  • Manual emergency lowering valve enables platform to be lowered slowly in case of power failure
  • Optional telescopic platform expands work area
  • Available with pneumatic or solid tires
  • Power options include manual hydraulic pump, AC power or DC battery
  • Integrated electrical box with overload and leakage protection for safety
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The IHURMO 26 ft Scissor Lift is an essential piece of equipment for construction sites and facility maintenance applications. With a maximum platform height of 26 feet and up to 500 kg load capacity, this versatile scissor lift allows workers to safely access elevated work areas.


Key Features

Safety and Stability

The IHURMO 26 ft Scissor Lift prioritizes operator safety and equipment stability. Its robust scissor arms are constructed from high-strength manganese steel to securely lift loads up to 500 kg. Multiple safety systems prevent sudden platform drops, including an overload hydraulic protection device, anti-drop safety device, and emergency lowering valve. An integrated electrical box provides overload and leakage safeguards.

Access and Maneuverability

A telescoping platform option expands the work area for flexibility. The compact size allows the lift to maneuver through standard doorways. Available with pneumatic or solid tires for smooth travel across job sites.

Power and Control

Power the scissor lift manually with a hydraulic pump, by plugging into AC power, or with a DC battery pack. This versatility allows operators to position the lift where needed, even in remote areas without power access. Manual emergency controls enable the platform to be lowered slowly in case of power loss, for complete control.



The 26 ft scissor lift has a wide range of uses across many industries:

  • Construction – Electrical, HVAC, plumbing, welding, drywall, painting
  • Maintenance – Lighting, signage, window washing
  • Warehouses – Inventory, storage retrieval
  • Events – Setup and takedown of lighting, banners
  • And any application requiring access to hard-to-reach elevated spaces



  • Platform Size: 1800 x 820 mm
  • Rated Load: 500 kg
  • Platform Height: 26 ft / 7.9 m
  • Dimensions: 1900 x 960 x 1390 mm
  • Machine Weight: Approx 1550 kg



With advanced safety features, versatility across applications and durable construction, the IHURMO 26 ft Scissor Lift is an ideal solution for projects requiring access to elevated worksites. Its scissor lift design provides strength and stability for loads up to 500 kg, while still being compact enough to maneuver through standard doorways. For high quality scissor lifts tailored to your unique needs, look no further than industry leader IHURMO.

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Additional information

Platform Size

1800*820 mm

Rated Load

500 kg

Platform Height

26 ft


1900*960*1390 mm