IHURMO 500kg 40 ft Scissor Lift

  • Overload hydraulic protection system to safeguard against excessive platform loads
  • Anti-drop device installed in hydraulic system to prevent dangerous drops
  • Manual lowering valve for emergency descent during power failures
  • Optional telescoping platform extension available
  • Robust scissor mechanism made from high-strength manganese steel provides stability
  • Outrigger leveling for extra stability when lifted
  • Foam-filled, heavy duty tires on rough terrain models for stability on uneven surfaces
  • AC electric motor provides clean, quiet power
  • Optional power systems include manual hydraulic pump, DC battery, or diesel engine for specialized needs
  • Flexible power options allow use in remote areas or emission-sensitive indoor spaces
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IHURMO’s 40 ft scissor lift is designed for safe and efficient high-altitude operations across a wide range of applications. Featuring a robust scissor mechanism made from high-strength manganese steel, this lift provides exceptional stability and load capacity for its size.


With a maximum platform height of 40 feet and dimensions of 2680 x 1670 x 1840 mm, multiple workers can utilize this spacious lift simultaneously. The platform can accommodate up to 500 kg, allowing for workers, tools, and materials. For versatility, the platform size can be expanded with an optional telescoping extension.


Safety is a top priority for IHURMO lifts. An overload hydraulic protection system safeguards the platform against excessive loads. To prevent dangerous drops, an anti-drop device is installed in the hydraulic system. For emergency descent during power failures, a manual lowering valve rapidly returns the platform to ground level.


The 40 ft scissor lift is available with pneumatic or solid tires for smooth travel across job sites. As standard, an AC electric motor provides clean, quiet power. Optional power systems include a manual hydraulic pump, DC battery, or diesel engine for specialized needs. These flexible power options allow the lift to operate in remote areas or indoor spaces sensitive to emissions.


With its excellent height reach, robust construction, spacious platform, and emphasis on safety, IHURMO’s 40 ft scissor lift tackles demanding high-altitude jobs. This versatile equipment increases productivity and protects workers across construction, maintenance, installation, and inspection applications. For additional details or customization assistance, contact IHURMO’s expert sales team today.

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Additional information

Platform Size

2550*1500 mm

Rated Load

500 kg

Platform Height

40 ft


2680*1670*1840 mm