Self-propelled 500kg 4m Hydraulic Scissor Lift

  • Uses rugged steel construction and heavy-duty components to withstand tough working conditions
  • Critical parts like hydraulic cylinders, pumps and motors sourced from industry-leading suppliers
  • Strict quality control and ISO 9001 standards result in reliable lifts
  • Fully enclosed platforms, guardrails and steel toe boards prevent falls
  • Emergency stop buttons, overload sensors, and tilt alarms
  • Dual holding brakes and lock valves prevent uncontrolled descent
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IHURMO’s hydraulic scissor lifts are versatile aerial work platforms designed to provide safe and efficient access for workers at heights. These lifts utilize hydraulic cylinders to extend the scissor mechanism and raise the work platform to working heights up to 4 meters.


Safety is the top priority. The hydraulic scissor lift feature fully enclosed platforms with non-slip flooring, rigid guardrails, and steel toe boards to prevent falls and ensure worker security. The lifts also incorporate control features like emergency stop buttons, overload sensors, and tilt alarms for added protection.


Dual holding brakes and lock valves prevent platform descent in case of hydraulic failure.


Mobility and maneuverability make IHURMO’s hydraulic scissor lift ideal for tight indoor and outdoor spaces. With compact footprints, zero turning radii, and proportional controls, workers can easily position themselves at the optimal location. The lifts can drive at full height for efficient repositioning. Four wheel drive and two wheel drive models are available.


The electric drive system delivers emissions-free and quiet operation. Powered by maintenance-free batteries and high-efficiency AC drive motors, the lifts can work a full shift without recharging. The intelligent battery management system provides charge status and ensures proper battery care.


Durability and reliability are built-in. The lifts utilize rugged steel construction and heavy-duty components designed to withstand tough working conditions. Critical parts like hydraulic cylinders, pumps, and motors are sourced from industry-leading suppliers. Strict quality control and ISO 9001 standards result in lifts that deliver years of trouble-free service.


Customization is available to meet unique jobsite challenges. Additional options like platform extensions, diesel engines, rough terrain tires, and cold weather packages can be incorporated per customer requirements. IHURMO’s engineering team works directly with clients to develop specialized scissor lift solutions.


In summary, IHURMO’s hydraulic scissor lifts offer the safety, access, productivity, and customization required to tackle demanding construction, maintenance and inspection tasks. Supported by IHURMO’s expertise, service network, and ISO certifications, these lifts provide a complete aerial work platform solution to position people, tools, and materials in hard-to-reach places quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely.

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Additional information

Rated Limit Load

500 kg

The Maximum Height

4000 mm

The Minimum Height

1050 mm

Platform Dimension

1950x960x1180 mm

Rise Time

46 s

Engine Power

1.5 kw