IHURMO 500kg 30 ft Scissor Lift

  • Maximum platform height of 30 ft (9 m)
  • Provides access for overhead tasks up to 30 feet high
  • Overload protection
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Non-slip deck surface
  • Optional guardrails with gates
  • Electric powered with integrated battery
  • Optional manual hydraulic pump
  • Optional AC or DC power
  • 500 kg (1100 lb) load capacity
  • Supports two workers with tools/materials
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The IHURMO 30 ft scissor lift is a versatile aerial work platform designed for efficient and safe operations at heights up to 30 feet. With a lightweight yet robust construction, this electric-powered lift provides ample lifting capacity and stability for two workers with tools and materials.


Key Features

  • Working Height of 30 Feet – Provides access for overhead tasks up to 30 feet high
  • 500 kg Load Capacity – Supports two workers and their tools/materials for improved productivity
  • 1800 x 820 mm Platform Size – Spacious platform accommodates two workers with room to maneuver
  • Scissor Lift Design – Compact, self-contained lifting mechanism ensures strength and rigidity
  • High-Strength Steel Construction – Durable materials withstand heavy use on job sites
  • Hydraulic Safety Systems – Pressure relief valves prevent sudden platform descent
  • AC and DC Power Options – Flexible powering meets needs for indoor/outdoor use
  • Non-Marking Tires – Protects delicate flooring during maneuvering



With its robust design and generous capacity, the IHURMO 30 ft scissor lift serves well for:

  • Construction and building maintenance
  • Electrical, HVAC and plumbing installations
  • Painting, cleaning and facility upkeep
  • Overhead lighting and signage projects
  • Warehouse operations and inventory management
  • Event production and stage rigging setups

Its lightweight, compact size makes this lift highly maneuverable through doorways and tight spaces. Meanwhile, the sturdy platform provides a stable elevated work area for precise overhead tasks or transporting tools/materials. With advanced safety mechanisms and reliable components, the IHURMO 30 ft lift delivers versatile, heavy-duty aerial access.



Options & Accessories

To customize your lift for specialized applications, IHURMO offers:

  • Telescoping platform extensions
  • Solid non-marking tires
  • Manual hydraulic backup pump
  • Diesel motor drive
  • Cold weather packages
  • Aircraft protection bumpers
  • Fall restraint anchorage points

With quality construction per strict ISO 9001 standards, CE/EAC certified components, and a range of custom accessories, the IHURMO 30 ft scissor lift provides optimal value for your investment. Discover how this versatile aerial platform can boost productivity and safety for your elevated worksites.

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Additional information

Platform Size

1800*820 mm

Rated Load

500 kg

Platform Height

30 ft


1900*960*1390 mm