IHURMO Single-mast 20 ft Scissor Lift

  • Compact Size
    With dimensions of 1250mm x 850mm, the 20 ft scissor lift condenses to fit through doorways and restricted areas like factories and theaters. The single mast optimizes maneuverability.
  • Lightweight and Mobile
    Weighing only 260kg, the electric scissor lift is light enough for one person to maneuver and position. Large wheels roll easily over uneven terrain.
  • Battery Power
    The lift operates on a 220V battery for emissions-free indoor/outdoor use. Batteries are exchangeable for continuous runtime.
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The IHURMO Single-Mast 20 ft Scissor Lift is a compact and versatile aerial work platform ideal for maintenance, construction, electrical, and decorating applications. With a working height of 20 feet and rated load capacity of 100kg, this lightweight scissor lift provides safe and stable elevated working access even in tight spaces.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Compact Size: With dimensions of just 1250mm x 850mm x 1900mm, the IHURMO 20 ft Scissor Lift condenses to fit through standard doorways and access restricted areas like factories, theaters, hotels, and more. The single mast column design optimizes maneuverability.
  • Working Height of 20 Feet: A platform height of 20 feet allows operators to reach lighting, ductwork, pipes, and other infrastructure for maintenance and repairs. The height meets general construction and decorating needs.
  • 100kg Load Capacity: The sturdy steel platform rated for 100kg gives adequate capacity for an operator, tools, and materials for elevated tasks. Built-in safety features like an overload sensor protects users.
  • Battery Power: The electric scissor lift operates on a 220V battery for emissions-free indoor and outdoor use. Batteries are exchangeable for continuous runtime.
  • Lightweight and Mobile: Weighing approximately 260kg, the compact 20 ft scissor lift is light enough for one person to maneuver and position in place. Large wheels roll over uneven terrain.

Advanced Design and Safety

Engineered with operator safety in mind, the IHURMO Scissor Lift has an advanced hydraulic system and integrated control panel. The high-strength aluminum alloy construction minimizes deflection and sway while raised. Overload and leakage protection with solid state relays ensure reliable functionality. The platform features full perimeter guardrails and access gates per international regulations.


Applications and Industries Served

With its lightweight, compact size and 20 ft working height, the IHURMO Scissor Lift serves an extensive range of applications across many industries:

  • Building maintenance
  • Electrical installations
  • HVAC service
  • Lighting replacement
  • Painting and decorating
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Retail shops and malls
  • Warehouses

Trusted by over 100 countries worldwide, IHURMO adheres to rigorous ISO 9001 quality standards and CE/EAC certifications, so customers can be confident using our equipment for their critical construction and maintenance projects.

The IHURMO Single-Mast 20 ft Scissor Lift delivers an innovative lifting solution to tackle elevated jobs in space-constrained environments. With advanced safety mechanisms, battery-powered drive, and 20 ft platform height, the versatile scissor lift enables operators to work efficiently across various indoor and outdoor applications. IHURMO stands behind all products with quality guarantees and expert customer service.

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Additional information

Platform Height

20 ft

Rated Load

100 kg

Platform Size

600*600 mm


220 v


0.75 kw

Machine Weight Approx

260 kg


1250*850*1900 mm