Single-mast 8m Scissor Lift

  • High-strength aluminum alloy construction for safety
  • Imported hydraulic and electric components
  • Customizable platform sizes
  • DC power supply for indoor use
  • Integrated electrical box with protection
  • Spark-free solid state control system
  • Low-profile to fit through doors
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The Single-mast 8m Scissor Lift is a versatile and compact lifting solution perfect for indoor maintenance and construction projects. As a leading global provider of hoists and lifting equipment, IHURMO offers the Single-mast 8m Scissor Lift that adheres to rigorous ISO9001 quality standards.


Overview of the Single-mast 8m Scissor Lift

The Single-mast 8m Scissor Lift features a single aluminum alloy mast column making it the lightest scissor lift model that IHURMO provides. Weighing only 275kg, this scissor lift is easy to maneuver and transport between project sites.Despite its lightweight body, the Single-mast 8-meter Scissor Lift has a maximum working height of 8 meters and can handle a rated load of up to 100kg. The 600mm x 600mm platform provides stable footing for one operator to perform tasks efficiently.


Key Features and Benefits

  • High-strength aluminum alloy construction reduces deflection and vibration for safety
  • Imported hydraulic pump valves and CE/EAC certified electric motor components
  • Customizable platform dimensions available to suit specific project requirements
  • DC power supply for indoor/enclosed area use
  • Integrated electrical box with leakage and overload protection
  • Spark-free solid state relay control system resistant to vibrations
  • Low-profile mast fits through standard doorways when condensed

Applications of the Single-mast 8m Scissor Lift

The compact Single-mast 8m Scissor Lift is ideal for projects in factories, hotels, restaurants, transit stations, theaters, exhibition halls, and more. It serves well as maintenance equipment for:

  • Lamp, electrical, and HVAC repair or replacement
  • Painting, decorating, and surface prep
  • Cleaning and general upkeep

With working heights up to 8 meters, the Single-mast 8m Scissor Lift enables operators to easily access elevated worksites without the need for ladders or scaffolding. Its lightweight, narrow footprint is perfect for congested indoor spaces.


IHURMO Quality and Service

All IHURMO lifting equipment including the Single-mast 8m Scissor Lift is engineered for safety, reliability, and efficiency. Our global customers receive responsive support from initial consultation through the full service lifetime of their scissor lift.We invite you to explore our full range of electric and engine-powered scissor lifts with working heights from 4 meters up to 18 meters. IHURMO delivers solutions for every lifting need backed by our promise of partnership.Bring your visions to new heights with the Single-mast 8m Scissor Lift!

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Additional information

Platform Height

8 m

Rated Load

100 kg

platform Size

600*600 mm


220 v


0.75 kw

Machine Weight Approx

275 kg


1300*850*2000 mm