IHURMO 200kg 12 Meter Scissor Lift

  • 12 meter maximum platform height
  • Double-mast aluminum alloy construction
  • Minimizes deflection and platform sway when lifted
  • Spacious work platform area
  • Flexible maneuverability in tight spaces
  • Customization options:
    • Lift capacity
    • Platform size
    • Power system
    • Accessories
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The IHURMO 12 meter scissor lift is a high-capacity aerial work platform designed to safely elevate multiple workers and materials up to 12 meters for construction, maintenance and installation jobs.



This versatile 12 Meter Scissor Lift provides a maximum platform height of 12 meters. The robust double-mast structure is constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy, minimizing deflection and platform sway when lifted while still being lightweight. The spacious platform, flexible operation, and compact footprint maximize lifting capacity even in tight spaces. Custom and accessories options are available to suit unique needs.


Key Features

  • 12 meter maximum platform height
  • Double-mast aluminum construction for strength and stability
  • Minimizes deflection and platform sway
  • Spacious platform work area
  • Flexible maneuverability, even in tight spaces
  • Customization options available



This 12 Meter Scissor Lift excels for:

  • Construction and building maintenance
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations
  • Lighting, signage, camera and antenna work
  • Warehousing, factories, malls and airports

For an affordable yet high-capacity 12m lift focused on safety and performance, the IHURMO model is an ideal versatile aerial access solution.

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Additional information

Platform Height

12 m

Rated Load

200 kg

Platform Size

1500*600 mm


220 v


1.5 v

Machine Weight Approx

610 kg


1700*950* 2000 mm