500kg 60 ft Scissor Lift

  • Maximum platform height of 60 ft provides aerial access up to 8 stories
  • 500 kg lift capacity accommodates 2 workers and building materials
  • Oversized platform dimensions allow extended horizontal reach
  • Swing entry gates with mid-rail fall protection around perimeter
  • Electric AC, DC and diesel power options suit various worksites
  • Non-marking tires for indoor use; rough terrain tires for outdoor jobs
  • Foldable guardrails on platform simplify storage footprint
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Reach New Heights with IHURMO’s 60 ft Scissor Lifts

Need to safely work at 60 feet? IHURMO’s range of 60 ft scissor lifts provide sturdy, spacious platforms for construction, maintenance, and installation jobs requiring high aerial access. With lift capacities reaching 500 kg and platform sizes over 15 sqm, multiple workers can carry tools and materials to elevated worksites. The scissor mechanism uses high-strength manganese steel in a proven robust pantograph design. Hydraulic cylinders smoothly raise the platform to 60 feet with an anti-drop safety device preventing uncontrolled descent. For emergency use, a manual lowering valve lets operators gradually lower the platform.

Key Features:

  • Lift heights to 60 ft for 8-story buildings
  • 500 kg capacity holds 2 workers with cargo
  • Oversized platform for extended reach
  • Swing gates with mid-rails for fall protection
  • Non-marking & rough terrain tires available
  • AC, DC, or diesel drive options
  • Fold-down rails facilitate storage

With precise proportional controls, operators can position the lift for optimal access around obstacles. A rotating turntable allows the platform to swing 90 degrees left or right while elevated. Multiple power configurations suit indoor and outdoor conditions – emission-free electric for quiet worksites or diesel for all-terrain mobility.

Rugged Durability

Built from high-tensile steel, IHURMO 60 ft scissor lift resist damage in heavy construction zones. The scissor arms withstand repeated point loading without deflection. Other heavy-duty components include:

  • Pressure-compensated hydraulics
  • Commercial-grade control valves
  • Reinforced platforms/extensions
  • Oversized drive wheel motors

We engineer each lift for the customer’s particular needs – with customizable platform sizes, lift heights, terrain capability, and more. Our global experts also provide budget-friendly financing options. For 60 feet of strength, safety and versatility on the jobsite, equip your crews with an IHURMO scissor lift. Contact us to select the perfect model for your next project!

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Additional information

Platform Size

3165*1600 mm

Rated Load

500 kg

Platform Height

60 ft


3280*1800*2430 mm