Electric Scissor Lift

  • Emergency stop button to immediately cut power in hazardous situations
  • Entry gates/chains to prevent falls from the platform
  • Overload protection systems
  • Anti-drop safety devices
  • Manual emergency lowering valves for controlled descent when power fails
  • High-strength steel or aluminum construction for stability and durability
  • Wide wheelbase and low center of gravity for stability
  • Solid or pneumatic heavy-duty tires for traction
  • Powertrain options like diesel engines for continuous uptime
  • Compact size for maneuverability in tight spaces
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Innovation Meets Safety and Reliability

IHURMO’s SJY0.5-4 electric scissor lifts lead the industry in providing cutting-edge and safe lifting solutions for construction projects of all sizes. Our scissor lifts utilize an electric-powered scissor mechanism to provide stable and precise platform lifting up to heights of 4 meters, with load capacities reaching 500kg.


Built with safety in mind, IHURMO scissor lifts come equipped with overload protection systems, anti-drop safety devices, and manual emergency lowering valves. Multiple power options are available, including AC power, DC battery and diesel engines, ensuring continuous uptime even in remote areas or during power outages.


Designed for Performance and Durability

The lifting mechanism itself is constructed from high-strength manganese steel, providing unparalleled stability thanks to a wide wheelbase and low center of gravity. The spacious platforms can accommodate multiple workers simultaneously. Optional extendable platform tops further increase working range.Scissor lifts employ rugged pneumatic or solid tires for traction across rough terrain on construction sites. The compact size allows maneuverability even in tight spaces. Robust construction ensures these lifts provide years of reliable service despite heavy daily use.


Customizable Solutions for Every Application

IHURMO engineers electric scissor lifts for versatility, with platform heights ranging from 4 meters up to 22 meters and load capacities reaching 1000kg. Lifts can be customized with options like [telescopic platform extensions], alternative power sources and manual backup systems to match your unique requirements.

Whether you need temporary access for construction or maintenance, IHURMO scissor lifts deliver safety, performance and reliability lift after lift. Contact our engineering team today to discuss building a custom electric scissor lift tailored to your next project. With over 100 nations served, we have the expertise to provide the perfect lift solution for every job site.

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Additional information

Platform Size

1800*820 mm

Rated Load

500 kg

Platform Height

4 m


1900*960*1200 mm