Self-propelled 40 ft Scissor Lift for Sale

  • The self-propelled system with adjustable speeds up to 2 mph – no need for external power sources
  • Lift heights reaching 40 ft to access 5-story buildings
  • Spacious platforms accommodate multiple workers and cargo
  • Built-in lanyard anchorage points for fall protection
  • Swing-out battery box allows easy maintenance access
  • Steel construction withstands heavy use on demanding job sites
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Affordable and Versatile 40 ft Self-Propelled Scissor Lifts

IHURMO’s self-propelled 40 ft scissor lift for sale provides safe and reliable aerial access for construction, maintenance, and installation projects. With a maximum platform height of 40 ft and up to 500 kg capacity, these lifts allow workers to carry tools and materials to elevated worksites. Our 40 ft scissor lift for sale features an ergonomic design with non-slip platforms, sturdy guardrails, and pivots that require no lubrication or maintenance. The units provide precise maneuverability indoors and out thanks to the proportional joystick controls. Operators can position the lift smoothly and accurately while working at height.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Self-propelled electric drive system with adjustable speed up to 2 mph for indoor/outdoor maneuverability
  • Maximum platform height of 40 ft for working on 5-story buildings
  • Spacious 6 ft platform accommodates 2 workers and building materials
  • Built-in anchorage points allow fall arrest system attachment for operator safety
  • Swing-out battery compartment provides easy access for maintenance and charging
  • Durable steel scissor construction withstands heavy use on demanding construction sites
  • Proportional lift and drive controls enable precise platform positioning
  • Non-marking tires protect sensitive flooring surfaces
  • Compact size fits through doorways and allows turning in restricted areas
  • Quiet electric operation complies with low-noise worksite requirements

With a compact footprint that fits through standard doorways, IHURMO’s 40 ft lifts can navigate tight spaces and confined areas where scaffolding won’t fit. The lifts operate quietly at low noise levels, making them OSHA-compliant for indoor and outdoor use.


Rugged and Durable for Tough Job Sites

Our 40 ft scissor lift for sale utilize high-strength steel in a firm, robust structure that minimizes platform deflection. Manganese steel pivot points withstand heavy impacts from loading/unloading. Other heavy-duty components include:

  • Always-on disc braking system
  • Commercial-grade controllers and hydraulics
  • Reinforced platforms and extensions
  • Large pneumatic or non-marking tires

Customization and Financing Available

IHURMO engineers lifts purpose-built for your unique requirements. We can customize platform dimensions, capacities, lift heights, and power systems. Our global sales team provides budget-friendly financing options to help you acquire the perfect lift for your needs. With the safety, performance, and versatility of IHURMO’s 40 ft self-propelled scissor lifts, your operators can work confidently at height. Contact our lift experts today to discuss your project requirements!

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Additional information

Rated Limit Load

500 kg

The Maximum Height

40 ft

The Minimum Height

34 ft

Platform Dimension

2700x1670x1870 mm

Rise Time

77 s

Engine Power

3 kw