ZLP630 Steel Construction Suspended Platform

The ZLP630 Steel Construction Suspended Platform offers a 630kg rated load, robust steel structure with customizable powder coating.

With safety locks, adjustable suspension, and efficient twin hoists, it’s an ideal solution for high-rise construction and maintenance tasks.

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The ZLP630 Steel Construction Suspended Platform from Ihurmo is a high-performance, durable solution for a wide range of construction and maintenance applications. With a rated load capacity of 630kg, this platform provides ample space and lifting power for workers and their equipment. The platform features a robust steel structure with an advanced anti-corrosion powder coating. This coating is not only more effective and economical than traditional paint spraying, but also offers an aesthetic finish that can be customized to match your project’s color scheme.


Key specifications of the ZLP630 construction suspended platform:

  • Lifting speed of 9.5m/min for efficient vertical transportation
  • Spacious platform dimensions of 6000(1+2+3m)×690×1300mm
  • Impressive lifting height of 100m, with a matching 100m cable
  • Durable Ф8.3mm steel rope for reliable suspension
  • Twin 1.5KW hoists with voltage options of 220, 380, 415, or 440V
  • Safety lock with allowable impulsive force of 30kN and cable locking angle of 3°~8°
  • Suspension mechanism with 1.3~1.5m front beam overhang and adjustable height of 1.44~2.14m
  • 800kg counterweight for stable operation

The ZLP630’s versatile design makes it suitable for a variety of tasks, including construction, decoration, maintenance, and cleaning of high-rise buildings, bridges, chimneys, and other structures. Its reliability, safety features, and adaptability make it an ideal choice for contractors and facility managers seeking an efficient and cost-effective suspended platform solution

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220, 380, 415, 440V

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