Aluminum Alloy ZLP1000 Suspended Platform

Ihurmo’s Aluminum Alloy ZLP1000 Suspended Platform is a revolutionary work platform designed for safe, efficient, and cost-effective construction and maintenance projects on tall buildings, bridges, dams, and large tanks.

With advanced safety features, customizable components, and a durable aluminum alloy construction, the ZLP1000 is the perfect choice for your next project, reducing labor intensity, increasing working efficiency, and lowering costs by up to 28% compared to traditional scaffolding.

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IHURMO ZLP1000 suspended platform is designed to revolutionize construction and maintenance projects on tall buildings, bridges, dams, and large tanks. With its advanced features, superior safety mechanisms, and cost-effective operation, the ZLP1000 is the ideal choice for your next project.


Working Principle

The ZLP1000 suspended platform features a suspension mechanism that can be set up on buildings. Powered by a hoist, the entire suspended platform moves vertically along steel ropes, providing a stable and secure working environment for operators.



The ZLP1000 suspended platform is perfect for a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Curtain wall installation
  • Exterior wall cleaning
  • Plastering, veneering, and painting
  • Maintenance of tall buildings
  • Construction projects on large tanks, bridges, and dams

By replacing traditional scaffolding, the ZLP1000 reduces labor intensity, increases working efficiency, and lowers construction costs by up to 28%.


Key Components

The ZLP1000 Suspended Platform system consists of five main parts:

  1. Working Platform: A frame-shaped aluminum alloy structure that carries operators and materials. It features an oxide film for rust and corrosion protection, is 60% lighter than steel, and has a higher rated loading capacity for better anti-tilting performance.
  2. Hoist: Each side of the platform has a die-casting aluminum hoist with a spring steel rope pulley and a 94# tin bronze worm gear. Our LTD-series hoist can recover automatically from steel rope deformations, extending the rope’s service life.
  3. Safety Devices: The ZLP1000 is equipped with safety locks, safety steel ropes, limit flanges, electromagnetic braking devices, centrifugal speed limiting devices, manual hoist lowering devices, and electrical emergency stop buttons to ensure maximum safety.
  4. Electrical System: Includes electric cables, transformers, leakage protectors, and control switches in the electrical control box. The control panel can be customized to various languages, and the electric cable features a steel core for higher tensile strength and longer service life.
  5. Suspension Mechanism: Consists of two sets of independent steel frames and steel ropes that can be set up on the roof of a building. The FASTEN steel rope is specially designed for suspended access platforms and is treated with hot galvanizing for high strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

With 15 years of production experience, Ihurmo is the largest aluminum alloy suspended access platform manufacturer in northern China. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and exceptional after-sales services. Choose the Aluminum Alloy ZLP1000 Suspended Platform for your next project and experience the difference in safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Additional information

Rated Load


Lifting Speed

8.5 m/min

Platform Dimensions


Lifting Height




Steel Rope

∅ 8.6mm

Hoist Power


Hoist Voltage

220V, 380V, 415V ,440V

Safety Lock Allowable Impulsive Force


Safety Lock Cable Locking Angle


Suspension Mechanism Front Beam Overhang


Suspension Mechanism Adjustable Height