Aluminum Alloy ZLP500 Gondola Suspended Platform

Ihurmo’s ZLP500 is a lightweight, safe, and efficient aluminum gondola suspended platform for aerial construction work.

This innovative electric system offers customizable features, enhanced safety devices, and cost-effective operation, making it an ideal alternative to traditional scaffolding. With 15 years of production experience, Ihurmo delivers high-quality products and exceptional after-sales services.

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Ihurmo’s ZLP500-A gondola suspended platform is an innovative aerial working construction machinery designed for efficient and safe operation on plastering, veneering, painting, cleaning, and maintenance of tall buildings. This electric suspended access platform is driven by a hoist and moves vertically along steel ropes, providing a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional scaffolding.


Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Lightweight aluminum alloy construction, 60% lighter than steel, for easy transportation and installation
  2. Higher rated loading capacity and better anti-tilting performance compared to steel counterparts
  3. Rust and corrosion-resistant oxide film on the working platform surface
  4. Elegant silver gray appearance
  5. Enhanced safety features, including raglan welding technology for increased strength and 360° turning casters for easy movement


The ZLP500-A gondola suspended platform system comprises five main components:

  1. Working Platform: A frame-shaped aluminum alloy structure that carries operators and materials
  2. Hoist: Die-casting aluminum housing with spring steel rope pulley and 94# tin bronze worm gear
  3. Safety Devices: Safety lock, safety steel rope, limit flange, electromagnetic braking device, centrifugal speed limiting device, manual hoist lowering device, and electrical emergency stop button
  4. Electrical System: Customizable control panel, international standard sockets, and high-quality electric cables
  5. Suspension Mechanism: Independent steel frames and steel ropes with adjustable lengths for various floor types


Ihurmo, the largest aluminum gondola suspended platform manufacturer in northern China, offers high-quality products and considerate after-sales services backed by 15 years of production experience. By choosing the ZLP500, customers can reduce labor intensity, increase working efficiency, and lower construction costs by up to 28% compared to traditional scaffolding methods.

Additional information

Rated Load


Lifting Speed

9.5 m/min

Platform Dimensions


Lifting Height




Steel Rope

∅ 8.3mm

Hoist Power


Hoist Voltage

220V, 380V, 415V ,440V

Safety Lock Allowable Impulsive Force


Safety Lock Cable Locking Angle


Suspension Mechanism Front Beam Overhang


Suspension Mechanism Adjustable Height