ZLP500 Steel Electric Suspended Platform

Ihromo’s ZLP500 is a heavy-duty steel electric suspended platform designed for construction and maintenance at heights. With a 500kg load capacity and a corrosion-resistant powder-coated surface, it offers durability, versatility, and reliable performance.

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Ihromo’s ZLP500 Steel Electric Suspended Platform is a robust and reliable solution for various construction and maintenance tasks at heights. With a rated load capacity of 500kg, this platform offers ample space and strength to accommodate workers and equipment safely.


Advanced Features and Benefits

  • Robust Steel Construction: Constructed from high-quality steel, the ZLP500 electric suspended platform boasts a sturdy and corrosion-resistant structure designed to withstand harsh environments. The platform’s dimensions of 5000(2+3m) x 690 x 1300mm provide a spacious working area, ensuring optimal maneuverability and comfort for operators.
  • Superior Surface Protection: To enhance durability and aesthetics, the ZLP500 features an anti-corrosion surface treated with powder coating. This advanced coating technique offers superior protection against environmental factors compared to traditional paint spraying methods. The powder coating not only extends the platform’s lifespan but also allows for a wide range of color options to suit personal preferences or project requirements.
  • Efficient and Powerful Operation: Equipped with two 1.5KW hoists, the ZLP500 electric suspended platform boasts an impressive lifting speed of 9.5m/min, enabling efficient vertical movement. The platform can reach heights of up to 100m, making it suitable for various applications, including high-rise building construction, maintenance, and repair tasks. The platform’s suspension mechanism features a front beam overhang of 1.3-1.5m and an adjustable height of 1.44-2.14m, providing flexibility and adaptability to different job site conditions.
  • Robust Safety Features: Safety is a top priority with the ZLP500. The platform incorporates a safety lock system with an allowable impulsive force of 30kN and a cable locking angle of 3°-8°, ensuring secure operation even in challenging environments. Additionally, the platform is equipped with a counterweight of 800kg, enhancing stability and preventing unintended movements during operation.


With its durable construction, advanced surface protection, efficient operation, and robust safety features, Ihromo’s ZLP500 Steel Electric Suspended Platform is an ideal choice for professionals seeking a reliable and versatile solution for working at heights.

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