Aluminum Alloy ZLP800 Suspended Platform

The ZLP800 suspended platform from IHURMO is an innovative suspended platform designed for heavy duty construction and maintenance projects on tall structures. With an 800kg capacity and modular platforms up to 7.5 meters, it provides safe and efficient vertical transport for 2-4 workers.Key features making the ZLP800 system stand out include:

  • Heavy duty hoists and components for intensive commercial use
  • Redundant safety mechanisms like dual brakes and anti-tilt locks
  • Precision lift control with AC variable drives
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy platforms to maximize payload
  • Customizable platform sizes for different applications
  • Complies with CE, EAC and ISO9001 quality standards

For high rise construction, building maintenance, industrial projects and more, the ZLP800 suspended platform sets the benchmark for safety, reliability and productivity when working at heights.

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Overview of the ZLP800 Suspended Platform

The ZLP800 suspended platform from IHURMO Industry is an innovative aluminum alloy suspended access system designed for heavy-duty construction applications. With a maximum load capacity of 800kg and versatile modular platform sizes, this gondola system provides a safe and efficient solution for working at heights. 

Key Features and Benefits of the ZLP800 Suspended Platform

  • 800kg load capacity – Designed for 2-4 workers plus heavy tools and materials
  • 100 meter lift height – Service buildings up to 30 stories
  • 9.5m/min lifting speed – Quick access up and down the building facade
  • Modular platform sizes – Configure sections from 1m to 7.5m to suit the project
  • Aluminum alloy construction – Lightweight yet durable for long service life
  • Dual safety brakes – Redundant braking for assured fall protection

This suspended platform system meets the most stringent international standards for safety, quality, and reliability. It carries CE and EAC certifications and is manufactured under an ISO9001 quality management system.

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Load: 800kg
  • Lifting Speed: 9.5m/min
  • Platform Dimensions: 7500mm x 690mm x 1300mm
  • Lifting Height: 100m
  • Hoist Motor: 1.8KW x 2 motors
  • Voltage: 220-440VAC 3-phase
  • Steel Wire Rope: ∅ 9.1mm, 4x31SW+FC
  • Safety Lock: Anti-tilt with 3°-8° locking angle

Key Components

The system of the ZLP800 suspended platform features heavy-duty industrial components designed for intensive commercial use.

  • Aluminum Alloy Platform: The modular platform sections are constructed from lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. The low weight compared to steel allows the system to lift more workers and materials to height. The platforms feature full perimeter guardrails and toe boards for safety.
  • Dual LTD Hoists: The system utilizes two LTD80 traction hoists with AC variable frequency drives for smooth precision control. The hoists incorporate dual braking systems and overload protection for assured safety.
  • Suspension Mechanism: The suspension frame allows the platform to be precisely leveled from 1.3 to 2.1 meters from the building face. This allows optimal positioning in relation to floors and windows. The counterweight system provides excellent stability in windy conditions.
  • Fall Protection Systems: Redundant anti-tilt locking mechanisms on the wire ropes prevent uncontrolled descent. The hoists also include overload sensors to stop lift if weight limits are exceeded.


The ZLP800 suspended platform provides an advanced lifting platform to transport workers, tools, and materials vertically along building facades. Typical applications include:

  • Building maintenance
  • Window cleaning
  • Façade inspection
  • Construction and glazing
  • Exterior restoration
  • High-rise cleaning/painting

The modular platform can be optimally configured to suit the dimensions of different projects. The system can service structures up to 100 meters in height, including high-rise buildings, dams, chimneys, tanks, and bridges.

Advantages of IHURMO’S Aluminum Alloy Suspended Platform

  1. The steel rope we use is FASTEN rope, which is specially designed for suspended access platforms. Treated with hot galvanizing, the steel rope has high strength and excellent corrosion resistance.
  2. The suspension mechanism can be lifted to 1.98m at most.
  3. The front, middle, and rear beams have a total adjustable length ranging from 5.2 to 7.6m. Thus, this suspension mechanism is able to work on various kinds of complex floors.
  4. Parts of the suspension mechanism are processed with hot galvanizing, thus they have higher corrosion resistance than those processed with painting treatment.
  5. On the surface, there is an oxide film to protect the working platform against rust and corrosion.
  6. It is 60% lighter than the steel type of the same model.
  7. With a higher rated loading capacity, our aluminum alloy suspended access platform has better anti-tilting performance.
  8. It is easy to transport and install, saving both labor and time.
  9. The shining silver-gray appearance makes this product look elegant.

Safety Commitment

IHURMO is dedicated to providing lifting systems that protect worker health while improving productivity. We work closely with customers, engineers, safety experts, and industry groups to anticipate and address job site risks.

All our equipment complies with CE directives and undergoes rigorous quality control inspections. We also provide operator training programs to promote safe work practices. Please contact our sales team for more details or to request a quote. We offer customized suspended platform solutions tailored to your unique project requirements.

Additional information

Rated Load


Lifting Speed

9.5 m/min

Platform Dimensions


Lifting Height




Steel Rope

∅ 9.1mm

Hoist Power


Hoist Voltage

220V, 380V, 415V ,440V

Safety Lock Allowable Impulsive Force


Safety Lock Cable Locking Angle


Suspension Mechanism Front Beam Overhang


Suspension Mechanism Adjustable Height