IHURMO 12ton flat top tower crane with 70m jib for sale

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The tower crane is composed of a horizontal arm bracket, an radius changing device for the arm-trolley, and a hydraulic self-lifting mechanism. It incorporates such advantages as original design, reliable operation, and satisfactory appearance. Equipped with necessary safety devices, this balance crane shows good speed-control capacity, excellent operational stability, and high working efficiency.


The tower crane is widely used in the construction of high-rise hotels, residential buildings, industrial buildings, and tower-like buildings like tall chimneys.



1. The tower crane comprises a number of mast sections that are highly interchangeable. The elaborate structure makes it easy for mounting and dismounting.


2. The main support of the mast section has both end faces processed by the jig boring machine to live up to the required flatness of both ends and verticality of the whole mast section, thereby improving the overall performance of the tower crane.


3. The metal parts are jointed by carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding to achieve a tough and reliable structure.


4. Product quality is further guaranteed by the advanced inspection devices, such as the ultrasonic fault detector and sound level meter.


5. A complete set of safe and reliable hydraulic jacking device is adopted for self-elevating. The tower crane goes up and down steadily and the lifting height varies with the building height. These merits make the lifting equipment ideal for high-rise construction.


6. The cargo boom with triangular cross-section performs with double lifting points. It features excellent rigidity and convenient installation.


7. The hoisting mechanism provides slow dropping of large load in position as well as prompt lifting and dropping for small load. Thus the working efficiency is significantly improved. The lifting speed reducer is purchased from notable manufacturers to ensure that the tower crane works stably with low noise and high reliability.


8. Our self-erecting crane makes use of the single row four-point contact slewing bearing manufactured via advanced process by Hoesch Rothe Erde in Germany. This slewing bearing offers fine rigidity as well as excellent bearing ability of axial and radial tilting torque.


9. The slewing device comprises hydraulic coupling and planetary gear reducer, thus it enjoys high torsional capacity, high transmission ratio, compact structure, steady operation, and low failure rate.


10. The speed of the hoisting mechanism and the slewing device can be regulated by the winding wire motor and resistor to smooth the moving process and also prolong the serving time of the tower crane.


11. The components of electrical system are made by well-known enterprises in China and they are stable and reliable in performance.


MODEL Height/Jib/Max load Main chord steel/Mast size
QTZ50 TC4810 30m/48m/4T ㄥ160×12 1.5×1.5×2.2mx13pcs
TC5008 30m/50m/4T ㄥ160×12 1.6×1.6×2.5mx11pcs
TC5010 30m/50m/4T ㄥ160×14 1.6×1.6×2.5mx11pcs
QTZ63 TC5011 30m/50m/5T ㄥ160×14 1.6×1.6×2.5mx11pcs
TC5011 30m/50m/5T □135×10 1.6×1.6×2.5mx11pcs
QTZ80 TC5013 40m/50m/6T ㄥ160×16 1.68×1.68×2.5mx15pcs
TC5610 40m/56m/6T □135×10 1.6×1.6×2.8mx13pcs
TC6010 42m/60m/6T □135×12 1.6×1.6×2.8mx14pcs
45m/60m/8T □135×12 1.833×1.833×2.8mx15pcs
QTZ100 TC6013 45m/60m/6T □135×12 1.833×1.833×2.8mx15pcs
45m/60m/8T □135×12 1.833×1.833×2.8mx15pcs
45m/60m/8T L46a1:1.6×1.6x3m Split Type Mast
QTZ125 TC6015 45m/60m/8T □135×12 1.833×1.833×2.8mx15pcs
50m/60m/10T L68a1:2x2x3m Split Type Mast
50m/60m/10T L68a1:2x2x3m Split Type Mast
TC6515 50m/65m/8T ㄥㄥ125×12 1.833×2.5m
QTZ160 TC6024 50m/60m/10T L68a1:2x2x3m Split Type Mast
50m/60m/10T L68a1:2x2x3m Split Type Mast
QTZ200 TC7015 50m/70m/10T L68a1:2x2x3m Split Type Mast
50m/70m/10T L68a1:2x2x3m Split Type Mast
QTZ250 TC7030 50m/70m/16T L68a1:2x2x3m Split Type Mast
QTZ500 TC8031-25 50m/80m/25T 2.45*2.45*5m Split Type Mast
Climbing Crane QTP3808 35/38.6m/4T ㄥ125×10 1.5×1.5×2.2m
QTP4510 35m/45m/4T ㄥ140×12 1.5×1.5×2.2m
QTP5010 35m/50m/5T ㄥ160×12 1.5×1.5×2.2m
QTP5015 35m/50m/6T ㄥㄥ125×12 1.6×1.6×2.5m
Luffing Jib Crane D4015 28/40m/6T L46a1:1.6×1.6x3m Split Type Mast
D4522 28/45m/8T L46a1:1.6×1.6x3m Split Type Mast
D5030 28/50m/12T L68a1:2x2x3m Split Type Mast
D5520 50m/55m/18T L69C:2x2x3m Split Type Mast
Topless Crane PT6013 44.8m/60m/6T L46a1:1.6×1.6x3m Split Type Mast
PT6013 44.8m/60m/8T L46a1:1.6×1.6x3m Split Type Mast
PT6015 59.8m/60m/10T L68a1:2x2x3m Split Type Mast
59.8m/60m/10T L68a1:2x2x3m Split Type Mast
PT7030 50m/70m/16T L68a1:2x2x3m Split Type Mast