QTZ50 TC4810 4 Ton Tower Crane

IHURMO offers a tower crane 4 ton that provides efficient, safe lifting solutions for small to medium construction projects.

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The IHURMO tower crane 4 ton is an ideal lifting solution for small to medium construction projects. With a height of 30 meters and a jib length of 48 meters, this compact self-erecting crane provides ample coverage while taking up minimal space on site.


  1. Despite its compact size, the 4 ton capacity enables efficient lifting of common construction materials like steel beams, precast concrete, formwork and more. The crane utilizes quality mast sections, welds and components from renowned Chinese manufacturers to ensure reliable performance and safety.
  2. Equipped with necessary mechanisms like overload protection and anti-collision tech, operators can have peace of mind during crane operation.
  3. Smooth and precise motion control is achieved through winding wire motors and resistors that regulate slewing and hoisting speeds. 
  4. Paired with the radius changing arm trolley system, loads can be positioned accurately through joystick controls in the operator’s cab. This results in high working efficiency.
  5. Quick assembly is facilitated through the interchangeable and sectional mast design. 
  6. The crane can be erected and commissioned in days without a large crew or heavy machinery. It is also designed for solo dismantling using the embedded hydraulic system. This enables convenient transportation between construction sites.

In summary, the feature-packed IHURMO tower crane 4 ton delivers safety, precision, efficiency and mobility in a compact package. It meets international quality and safety standards like ISO9001, CE and EAC, making it suitable for small construction and infrastructure projects globally. Interested buyers may contact IHURMO directly for pricing and availability.

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