IHURMO QTZ160 TC6024 10 Ton Tower Crane

The IHURMO 10 Ton Tower Crane is an advanced 50 meter high lifting solution designed for efficient, safe material handling in large-scale construction projects.

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The IHURMO 10 Ton Tower Crane is an advanced lifting solution designed for large-scale construction projects. With an impressive height of 50 meters and expansive 60 meter jib length, the 10 ton capacity model provides extensive coverage for ultra-efficient site operations.


At the core of the crane is a sturdy tower mast built from quality steel sections, precision machined and welded to achieve a reliable structure. The sections connect via quick pins for straightforward assembly and transport. Safety features like overload protection and anti-collision tech enable safe working loads of up to 10 tons.


Smooth crane motion is facilitated by adjustable speed winding wire hoist motors working in tandem with slewing units and resistors. Precise load positioning is achieved through the PLC control panel. An arm trolley with radius changing device further improves flexibility.


Fast setup and dismantling are possible thanks to the hydraulic lifting system integrated into the tower mast. With embedded hydraulics, external equipment is not needed for assembly or disassembly.


In summary, IHURMO’s 10 Ton Tower Crane brings advanced productivity, safety and reliability to large-scale construction and infrastructure projects. The crane adheres to ISO9001 standards and is CE certified for global use. Interested buyers may contact IHURMO directly for pricing and availability.

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