IHURMO 45m high 60m jib length 8ton QTZ80 TC6010 Tower Crane

The IHURMO QTZ80 TC6010 Tower Crane is a reliable, efficient, and safe solution for high-rise construction projects. With a 45m height, 60m jib length, and an 8-ton lifting capacity, this modular crane features innovative design and top-quality components, ensuring smooth operation and excellent stability.

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The IHURMO QTZ80 TC6010 Tower Crane is a construction equipment designed for efficiency and reliability in high-rise building projects. This QTZ80 TC6010 Tower Crane boasts a 45m height and an impressive 60m jib length, making it ideal for lifting heavy loads up to 8 tons. The QTZ80 TC6010 Tower Crane is engineered with a robust horizontal arm bracket, a radius changing device for the arm-trolley, and a hydraulic self-lifting mechanism, ensuring smooth operation and excellent stability.


One of the key features of the QTZ80 TC6010 Tower Crane is its modular design, consisting of highly interchangeable mast sections. This innovative structure simplifies the mounting and dismounting process, saving valuable time on construction sites. The main support of each mast section is precisely processed using a jig boring machine, guaranteeing the required flatness and verticality for optimal performance. The QTZ80 TC6010 Tower Crane also incorporates a reliable hydraulic jacking device for self-elevating, allowing the crane to adapt to varying building heights with ease.


The QTZ80 TC6010 Tower Crane’s cargo boom features a triangular cross-section with double lifting points, providing exceptional rigidity and convenient installation. The hoisting mechanism and slewing device are equipped with winding wire motors and resistors, enabling smooth movement and prolonging the service life of the crane. Additionally, the electrical system components are sourced from reputable Chinese enterprises, ensuring stable and reliable performance.


Safety is a top priority in the design of the QTZ80 TC6010 Tower Crane. This crane is equipped with all necessary safety devices, providing peace of mind for operators and construction teams. The QTZ80 TC6010 Tower Crane demonstrates excellent speed-control capacity, operational stability, and high working efficiency, making it a trusted choice for the construction of high-rise hotels, residential buildings, industrial structures, and tower-like buildings such as tall chimneys.


IHURMO, a leading global provider of construction hoists, offers the QTZ80 TC6010 Tower Crane as part of its commitment to delivering cutting-edge, safe, and reliable solutions for construction projects of any scale. With a presence in over 100 countries worldwide, IHURMO ensures that the QTZ80 TC6010 Tower Crane adheres to stringent ISO9001 quality standards and holds CE and EAC certifications, guaranteeing compliance with international standards and regulations. Choose the IHURMO QTZ80 TC6010 Tower Crane for your next high-rise construction project and experience the benefits of efficiency, innovation, and partnership.

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