IHURMO CE Standard QTZ50 TC5010 City Tower Crane

The IHURMO City Tower Crane is a compact 4 ton lifting solution with 30 meter height and 25 meter jib, designed for efficient construction in confined urban spaces.

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The IHURMO City Tower Crane is an advanced lifting solution designed for construction within congested urban environments. With a height of 30 meters and a compact 25 meter jib length, the city crane provides ample coverage while minimizing space requirements.


Despite the compact design, the crane offers a 4 ton maximum load capacity to efficiently lift common construction materials. The tower mast comprises quality steel sections, precision welded to achieve reliability. For transportability, the mast breaks down into modular, quick-connect components.


Smooth and precise load handling is facilitated through regulated slewing and hoisting speeds. This allows accurate positioning control via the cab. Safety features like overload protection enable safe working loads up to 4 tons.


The unique compact footprint and short jib length enable the city crane to operate within confined spaces like downtown construction sites. Fast setup and dismantling is achieved using the built-in hydraulic system, avoiding external equipment needs.


In summary, the IHURMO City Tower Crane delivers robust productivity, safety and mobility in a compact, urban-friendly package. It meets quality standards like ISO9001 and CE certified for global use.


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