IHURMO 1000kg 18m Scissor Lift for Sale

  • Maximum lift height: 18 meters
  • Load capacity: 1000kg
  • Power options: Electric, diesel, LPG, or dual fuel
  • Safety features: Emergency stop buttons, overload sensors, guardrails with gates, non-slip deck, descent/motion alarms, manual emergency lowering
  • Warranty: 1-year parts and labor, extended options available
  • Typical applications: Construction, maintenance, installations up to 18 meters high
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The IHURMO 1000kg 18m scissor lift for sale is a high-capacity self-propelled aerial work platform designed to safely lift personnel, tools, and materials up to 18 meters for construction, maintenance, and installation jobs.


Power Options

This versatile 18m scissor lift for sale is available with electric, diesel, LPG or dual fuel power options to suit different worksite requirements:

  • Electric lift: Quiet and emission-free for indoor sites
  • Diesel lift: Powerful and self-contained for remote areas
  • LPG lift: Cost-effective fuel source
  • Dual fuel: Switch conveniently between diesel and electric


Safety Features

Integrated safety features ensure reliable and secure working at heights:

  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Overload sensors
  • Guardrails with entry gates
  • Non-slip deck surface
  • Descent and motion alarms
  • Manual emergency lowering



The IHURMO 18mscissor lift for sale is backed by a 1-year warranty covering parts and labor. Extended warranty options are also available.


Typical Applications

With its impressive 18 meter working height and excellent maneuverability through doorways, this lift excels for:

  • High-rise construction and building maintenance
  • Mechanical, HVAC and plumbing installations
  • Lighting, signage and camera work
  • Bridge inspection and wind turbine repairs
  • Events rigging and theatrical productions

For an affordable yet high-performance lift with a wealth of safety, power and customization options, the IHURMO 1000kg 18m scissor lift delivers safety and versatility up to 18 meters.

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Additional information

Platform Size

3150*1600 mm

Rated Load

1000 kg

Platform Height

18 m


3250*1910*2550 mm