14m 300kg Scissor Lift Equipment

  • Self-propelled scissor lift with maximum platform height of 14 meters
  • High load capacity of 300kg
  • Lightweight yet robust aluminum alloy scissor mechanism to minimize sway at height
  • Excellent lifting and lowering speed
  • Integrated safety features:
    • Pothole protection to stabilize on uneven terrain
    • Emergency stop buttons
    • Overload sensors
    • Guardrails and gates on a spacious platform
  • Convenient integrated battery charger for overnight charging
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The IHURMO 14m scissor lift equipment is a high-reach electric lift designed to provide safe and efficient aerial access for construction, maintenance, installation, and inspection tasks requiring working heights up to 14 meters.


Key Features

This self-propelledscissor lift equipment features a maximum platform height of 14 meters and load capacity of 300kg. The lightweight yet robust aluminum alloy scissor mechanism minimizes sway at height while providing excellent up/down speed. Integrated safety features include pothole protection to stabilize on uneven terrain, emergency stop buttons, overload sensors, and guardrails with gates on the spacious platform. An integrated charger enables convenient overnight charging.



Key advantages this 14m scissor lift equipment delivers include:

  • Excellent maximum lift height of 14m
  • High 300kg load capacity
  • Compact, maneuverable design for accessibility
  • Quality components and safety systems
  • Low-noise, environmentally friendly electric power


Typical Applications

With its impressive vertical reach and excellent maneuverability, this lift excels for:

  • High-rise construction and building maintenance
  • Mechanical, HVAC and plumbing installations
  • Lighting replacement
  • Painting and sandblasting work
  • Bridge and wind turbine repairs



IHURMO engineers can customize scissor lift equipment to meet unique requirements regarding platform size, capacity, power systems and controls. For an affordable yet high-performance lift backed by IHURMO’s engineering expertise, the feature-packed 14m 300kg scissor lift delivers safety, reliability and versatility at heights up to 14 meters.

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Additional information

Rated Limit Load

300 kg

The Maximum Height

14000 mm

The Minimum Height

1720 mm

Platform Dimension

2900x1730x1870 mm

Rise Time

77 s

Engine Power

3 kw