Basic Knowledge of Construction Elevator

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As the fast-paced development of society, people have attached more and more importance to the construction elevator. Do you have a thorough knowledge of it? Here is some useful basic information that may help you.

The construction elevator is generally used to hoist both man and material. The mounting and dismounting can only be finished by a professional team that has obtained the installation and disassembly certificate issued by construction administration. Also, only professional staff possessing specialized training and operation certificate is entitled to operate and maintain the construction elevator.

The construction elevator should come with a concrete foundation with the bearing capacity of over 150kPa. The allowable deviation of foundation surface flatness is 10 meters and drainage facilities should be established as well.

The overall stability of construction elevator is an important issue. The distance between the longitudinal center line of the hoist guide rail frame and external surface of the building should be small.

The construction elevator should cease working when any of the following situations arises:

  1. Inclement weather such as heavy rain, snow, fog or wind exceeding the allowable working wind.
  2. Electricity leakage is detected.
  3. The strands of the wire rope are found broken, or the wire rope is seriously abraded, twisted, knotted or has slid away from the slot.
  4. The safety protection device is unavailable.
  5. The transmission mechanism functions abnormally and affects the regular working.
  6. The metal structure is partly deformed.
  7. Other machine faults that hinder the operation or pose threat to construction safety.
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