Features and Applications of Suspended Platform

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The suspended platform is a new type of aerial equipment that can displace the conventional scaffold. Using the suspended platform can reduce labor intensity, enhance efficiency and reduce the construction cost by 70% compared with using the scaffold. Nowadays, this aerial equipment has been universally applied in various works of high-level buildings such as exterior coating, curtain wall installation, maintenance and cleaning, etc.


  • Convenient and fast installation, simple operation
  • Multiple safety precautions ensure the suspended platform is reliable and secure.
  • All structural components are available in hot-dip galvanized type and painted type.
  • The unique design and manufacture process make it a quality product with both long serving time and stable and reliable performance.


  • Dedicated suspended platform in lift shaft installation.
  • Anti-explosion security inspection in colliery.
  • Specialized equipment for high-rise tower crane drivers to go up and down.
  • Welding and decoration in the shipbuilding industry.
  • Decoration and maintenance of exterior walls including painting, cleaning, cement coating, building insulation, marble installation, glass curtain wall installation, etc

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