Quality Situation of Masts Section of Tower Crane in China

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We spent months investigating the mast section of Tower Crane producing industry in China. The followings is what we have seen in the investigation.
The following picture was taken in a factory. In fact, it is a common scene in most small workshops.

  • Please keep your eyes on the milling flat of the both ends of the mast, you will see the material is in black gray. It indicates that the steel they use are unqualified.
  • The welding is incompetent. You could see the welding line is very rough which will affect the strength of the whole mast directly. This means huge potential security problems.
  • The welding joint is manual made which are it subject to less precision and a considerable margin of error.
  • The polishing work is manual made too which made the surface rough and ugly.
  • The spray paint is manual made without antirust paint which made the mast easier to rust and corrosion.

You may contrast the previous picture with the followings which are taken in our factory.

  • The material in the picture are after milling. You could see they are in bright white and the welding line are sealed joint.
  • We assure you the steel we apply are international standard. You could trust the strength with 100%.
  • We adopt technical welding tooling to ensure the precision and safety of the mast.
  • The technical blast cleaning equipment ensure the smoothness and the beauty of the surface.
  • We have two layers of paint. The first is antirust paint after de-rusting and then we paint the yellow paint to double protect the surface which will make the surface more beautiful.

I need to show you some photos which are taken at site of accident. They are all caused by reducing cost and using poor mast. You have to know that cheap mast are made by substandard material, less strength, not mature production technology and absolutely less safety. It will cause unimaginable serious consequence once the accident happens.

The above are all the proofs and conclusion we could offer depending on our years experiences and investigations. It is worthy your careful consideration and reference.

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