The FAQS for Suspended platform

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1. How should the motor be checked before leaving the factory?
We have a specialized check-out facility which is usually called frequency and voltage modulated system test equipment in China. The motor needs to pass the test of its elevating power, lifting and landing speed and loading capacity.

2. Any other advantages and selling points?
All the spare parts of the suspended platform need rigorous testing from designing, vendor choosing, and processing technology to inspection. For example, expect to inspect the material of the box of our hoist, every batch of our box should pass through the destructive test which uses a 10kg heavy sledge to beam the aluminum product. If the linearity of the aluminum is qualified, it won’t craze.

3. How is the durability of our suspended platform?
We guarantee the quality and durability of every spare part of our products. Everything of the products needs to pass a complex and rigorous test. Our earliest clients have bought our products over 10 years and it still works.

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