4T 30m Height 50m Jib Length Hammerhead Tower Crane for Sale

  • Lift up to 4 tons to heights of 30 meters
  • Rugged durability for heavy use
  • Smooth precision hoisting
  • Global certifications for quality assurance
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IHURMO’s self erecting tower crane for sale is designed for heavy-duty construction projects up to 30 meters high. These rugged 4-ton capacity cranes combine power and versatility to lift and maneuver heavy building materials with precision.


Key Features:

  • Powerful Performance for Construction Sites: The IHURMO’s self erecting 4t 30m height tower crane for sale delivers robust lifting capacity and extensive reach to handle heavy loads with precision on construction sites. With a maximum capacity of 4 tons, it can lift substantial materials to heights up to 30 meters efficiently.
  • Reliable & Durable Design: Built with quality materials using advanced manufacturing techniques, this tower crane for sale incorporates an original structural design for reliable operation. Critical components are crafted using jig boring and shielded metal arc welding to ensure durability. It is also equipped with necessary safety devices for stable performance.
  • Flexible Configurations & Broad Applications: The interchangeable mast sections enable convenient mounting and dismantling. With variable jib lengths and positions, this tower crane is highly adaptable for constructing various structures including high-rise buildings, factories, chimneys and more. It facilitates most outdoor construction projects efficiently.
  • Complete Control & Monitoring: The crane control system features an intuitive interface for precision maneuvers. IoT connectivity enables real-time monitoring and diagnostics for optimal uptime. The drive control system regulates speed smoothly while anemometers provide wind alerts for safety.

Whether you need to lift steel beams, precast concrete, HVAC equipment, or other heavy materials on a construction site, IHURMO’s 4-ton tower crane delivers. Its combination of strength, reach, and safety features makes these self-inserting cranes a versatile and cost-effective option for builders and contractors looking for equipment for sale.

With competitive pricing, free customization options and professional technical guidance available, IHURMO aims to provide a full solution for your construction hoisting needs. From small residential builds to large commercial high-rises, IHURMO’s self erecting tower crane for sale has the reliability and productivity to be a valuable addition to your fleet.

Contact IHURMO today to discuss how our self erecting 4-ton tower crane for sale can meet the material handling demands of your next construction project. With deliveries worldwide, we make it simple to put our quality cranes to work on your job site.

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