Luffing Jib Tower Crane

As a leading global tower crane manufacturer for over 20 years, IHURMO offers high-quality luffing jib tower cranes to lift and move materials efficiently on construction sites. Adhering to ISO 9001 standards and CE/EAC certified, our luffing cranes provide maximum safety, reliability and customization to suit your project’s unique needs.

Featuring a jib that can raise and lower on an angle, our hydraulic luffing jib tower cranes are ideal for constructing tall buildings in congested urban sites with space constraints. With industry-leading luffing speeds, our cranes can rapidly position loads through small openings between structures. Jib lengths from 22 to 80 meters and lifting capacities from 3 to 25 tons accommodate projects of all scales.

Key benefits of IHURMO luffing jib tower cranes:

  • Fast, low-cost installation without assist cranes
  • Precise load positioning with high-speed luffing
  • Safety features like anti-collision systems
  • Ability to pass under bridges and power lines
  • Integrated climbing system for building as you go
  • Durable all-welded steel frame with advanced components
  • Customization of crane height, jib length and more

With responsive customer service and a global network, IHURMO delivers customized luffing jib tower crane solutions on time and on budget. Our specialized engineers work closely with you to recommend the optimal crane for your needs.

Rent, lease or purchase your luffing jib tower crane from the industry leaders. Contact IHURMO today to discuss lifting solutions for your high-rise construction or urban project with restricted space. We are committed to maximizing safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness on your job site.